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Introducing Taco Tuesday by Grubfest

Get ready to spice up your Tuesdays like never before with the highly anticipated inaugural Taco Tuesday Grubfest! Hosted at the iconic Granada Hills, home to the nation’s longest-running Food Truck event, this spring soirée promises to be a flavor-packed fiesta that’ll have your taste buds doing the salsa. Tuesday, May 7th, from 5 pm […]

Our Top Picks for LA’s Plant-Based Food Trucks

Plant based food truck serving to customers

Food trucks have become a staple in the culinary experience, providing customers with delicious and convenient meals on the go. However, many people associate food trucks with high-calorie fast food options that aren’t always the healthiest choice. But, food trucks can be healthy too, and Los Angeles has some of the best plant-based food trucks […]

Picnic on Wheels: LA’s Food Trucks with Perfect Grab-and-Go Summer Lunches

colorful food truck with cozy sofa at lunch time

As the summer heat settles over the city of angels, the streets of Los Angeles are abuzz with the tantalizing aromas of food trucks offering a culinary extravaganza. From crispy fried chicken that embodies comfort to delicate dumplings that transport you to the streets of China, LA’s local food truck scene is dishing out a […]

Surf, Sun, and Sweets: Best Dessert Food Trucks to Beat the Heat

colorful dessert food truck parked under the palm trees in los angeles california

As the summer sun casts its golden glow and the beach beckons with the promise of adventure, there’s an irresistible magic in the air. And what better way to embrace the warmth, the joy, and the sheer indulgence of the season than with the delectable treats offered by dessert food trucks? From velvety soft-serve to […]

Back-to-School Lunchbox Ideas: Healthy and Delicious Food Truck Options

colorful lunch boxes on the table for school and work

With back-to-school just around the corner, parents are, once again, faced with the ever-present challenge of packing nutritious and enticing lunches for their little ones. While the standard sandwich and pre-packaged snacks may have been the go-to option in the past, why not add a dash of creativity and flavor to your child’s lunchbox this […]

Culinary Road Trip: Exploring Food Trucks Along the Pacific Coast Highway   

Food truck parked along the pacific coast highway Malibu California

Embarking on a journey along the picturesque Pacific Coast Highway isn’t just about the breathtaking vistas – it’s a chance to indulge in a culinary adventure like no other. Along the way, you’ll encounter a diverse range of local food trucks that embody the flavors of the coastal region. Here are some standout food trucks […]

5 Must-Try LA Beachside Eats this Summer

With the sun shining bright and the waves crashing in, there’s no better way to enjoy summer in Los Angeles than by savoring delectable street food by the beach. The city boasts an array of vibrant food trucks and street vendors that offer a diverse range of mouthwatering dishes to satisfy every craving. From fresh […]

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