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Asset Information Page User Guide Visual

Manage and organize your business assets easily at the Asset Information page. Here, you can configure your settings to make  your offerings more appealing and accurately represented to foodies. With the Asset Information page, you’re on your way to creating an engaging and informative experience that will make your business stand out!


You can access Asset Information by following this path: Dashboard > Settings > Asset Information. To set up your assets, simply follow these steps:


  • Add enticing photos: Capture the essence of your assets with appealing, high-quality images. 
  • Set your timezone: Ensure your asset information reflects the correct time zone to help foodies easily locate you.
  • Select the appropriate asset type: Classify your asset correctly within the available options like food truck, food trailer, food stand or traditional.
  • Specify menu price values: Build trust with foodies by providing the price range of your offerings.
  • Review and save your information: Make sure all the details provided are correct then hit the “Save” button to complete.

By following these steps, you can enhance your business profile on Thirst & Growl and capture the attention of local food enthusiasts.

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