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General Information Page User Guide Visual

Share additional information about your brand through  the General Information page. This allows you to give foodies a concise and complete overview of your business. By doing so, you can attract customers who are specifically seeking the culinary experiences you provide.


You can access General Information by following this path:  Dashboard > Settings > General Information. To set up your business’ general information, simply follow these steps:


  • Select the types of dishes you offer: Choose the distinct types of dishes your establishment serves. For example, you can include burgers, tacos, BBQ, or any other specialties you offer.
  • Specify cuisine region or ethnicity: Let customers know the region or ethnicity of your cuisine to let foodies have an idea of the flavors they can expect from your brand.
  • Check the amenities provided: Tick all the applicable amenities your business offers to show your brand’s unique advantages. This can include features like parking availability, free WiFi, or being pet-friendly.
  • Tick dietary options: If your menu has dietary options, check the relevant boxes. Examples include halal, kosher, or dairy-free options. This helps customers with specific preferences or dietary restrictions choose accordingly.
  • Review and save your information: Make sure all the details provided are correct then hit the “Save” button to complete.

By following these steps, you can provide comprehensive and accurate information on your General Information page.

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