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Once you have completed the process of creating your menu, it’s time to embark on the next exciting phase – start serving to foodies in your area. With your tantalizing dishes and carefully curated offerings, you are now ready to provide a memorable dining experience. This marks the culmination of your preparations and the beginning of delivering your culinary creations to eager patrons. Get ready to step into the world of serving and delighting your customers with your delectable creations.


This article will guide you through the necessary steps when you’re ready to start serving to start serving foodies in your area.

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Step 1: Set Your Serving Duration

To access the Serving Timer, follow these steps:

  • From the home/dashboard screen, locate the timer feature at the top part, just below your profile photo and business name.
  • Tap on the timer icon to access the timer settings.
  • Set the desired duration for your serving period by adjusting the timer.
Click on Start Serving User Guide Visual

Step 2: Click on the Start Serving Button:

  • Once you have set the timer to your preferred duration, click on the “Start Serving” button.
  • This action will notify foodies in the area that you are currently open and available to serve them.
  • The timer will automatically shut down once the serving period ends, ensuring accurate information for customers.
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TnG PRO Tips

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Location Sharing

To ensure foodies receive push notifications when you’re near their area, it’s important to enable GPS or location sharing for the TnG app:

  • Go to your iPhone’s settings, find the TnG app, and set the location permission to “When Using the App” or “Always.”

If available, also enable the option for precise location.

"Start Serving" Button

When you’re ready to serve customers, make sure to tap on the “Start Serving” button within the TnG app. This action notifies foodies that you’re currently open and operating. Remember to activate this button during your designated operating hours for the day.

By following these reminders, you’ll ensure that foodies receive timely notifications about your availability and enhance their overall experience with your business.

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