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An Elusive Taco

The birth of Thirst & Growl (TnG) was out of necessity for the love of tacos– al pastor tacos to be precise.


After finding out for the third time in a row that his neighborhood’s favorite taco stand hadn’t setup for the night, our co-founder, Mosses, needed a way to be notified when the local street food vendor (shall we call them mobile restaurateur) was going to be around.


Hence the birth of Thirst & Growl.

A Postulation

The premise was simple. Foodies who are passionate about street food vendors, and cooks who are enamored about sharing their specialties and latest creations in different neighborhoods– now they can do so with a simple app.

The Hungry Team

Connoisseur, CEO, Co-founder

Mosses Akizian

A true connoisseur who wears more hats than he can count. Understanding how things work and interconnect is an everyday pursuit for Mosses. A veteran of eCommerce software development, business development and operations.
Favorite Street Food / Drink

Tacos (Al Pastor)

Smash Burgers


A full-stack developer who can tackle both back-end and front-end. Karl not only pursuits to absorb the latest development offerings and tools, but he also codes the code. Recognized software engineer who’s currently architecting the platform that powers Thirst and Growl.
Favorite Street Food / Drink




Chef de Code, CTO, Co-Founder

Karlen Avetisyan

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