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by Mosses Akizian

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The Thirst & Growl story simply began when our co-founder, Mosses, noticed that his favorite local taco stand hadn’t been set up for the third night in a row. So he decided to do something about it. This was back in the winter of 2021.

Between work, COVID-19 dilemmas, and family obligations, he started building a mockup app with no-code technologies where street vendors can post their current location and foodies, such as him, can be notified when they’re active.

He shared his idea and struggles with no-code platforms that still lacked much-needed functionalities that were obstructing his timeline with a friend, Karl, who happens to be an amazing programmer. Karl loved the idea, and without hesitation, he wanted to be part of the project. That’s where the second part of the story begins.

The two began working on product ideation of the app’s architecture, technologies to use, wireframing, etc., and officially started work in January 2022.

The Vision

TnG is more than an app. The duo wanted to build tools that are accessible to all mobile and traditional restaurateurs, and to people who love venturing out to find and experience great bites– or drinks. The goal is to build the app utilizing APIs that can be easily integrated with 3-rd party platforms to ever expand the restaurateur reach to more foodies, and vice versa.

A community will also be a big part of this venture, since managing communities has been a big part of Mosses, who used to manage one of the largest eCommerce Open Source communities. We believe meals are meant to be communal– no one should eat alone. Our goal is to bring people together sharing the love of a good bite– or drink.

What’s Next

We’re looking for beta testers both on the vendor and consumer sides to help guide our product creation. For those interested, click the respective links: Vendor, Foodie.


Stay tuned for more.

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