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Indulge in Farm Fresh Bliss as Canyon Country Farmers Market Celebrates its First Anniversary

by Mosses Akizian

by Mosses Akizian

People attending Canyon Country farmers market at dusk

Located in the Santa Clarita Valley, the Canyon Country Farmers Market has become a beloved community event since its inception. The market is held every Sunday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the College of the Canyons, and visitors can expect a vibrant atmosphere with live music, local artisans, and a variety of food vendors.


Buono Italian Eatery is a popular vendor at the Canyon Country Farmers Market, offering delicious wood-fired pizzas and homemade pastas made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Their menu includes classic favorites like margherita and pepperoni pizzas, as well as creative options like pesto chicken and BBQ pulled pork pizzas. Their pastas are made from scratch and served with a variety of sauces, including marinara, meat sauce, and alfredo.


Another local favorite is Little’s Loaves, a bakery specializing in artisanal breads and pastries. Their breads are made with all-natural ingredients and traditional baking techniques, resulting in flavorful loaves with crispy crusts and soft, chewy interiors. They also offer a selection of sweet and savory pastries, including croissants, cinnamon rolls, and quiches.


Westcoast Seafood is another popular vendor at the Canyon Country Farmers Market, offering a wide variety of fresh seafood options. They source their seafood from local fishermen, ensuring that their products are sustainable and of the highest quality. Customers can choose from a selection of fresh fish, shellfish, and other seafood products, all of which are expertly prepared on-site


Verni and Halaby Farms are a dynamic duo at the Canyon Country Farmers Market. Their stall is brimming with an array of colorful, farm-fresh produce that showcases their commitment to sustainable farming practices. With beaming smiles, Verni and Halaby greet each customer with warmth and pride in their offerings. They passionately share their knowledge about their produce, from heirloom tomatoes to crisp lettuce, and their dedication to organic farming methods that prioritize soil health and biodiversity. Customers rave about the flavor and quality of their produce, knowing it’s grown with care and love.


A beacon of sustainability at the Canyon Country Farmers Market, Alcantar Organics is run by the Alcantar family. Their stall showcases a stunning array of fresh, certified organic fruits and vegetables. The Alcantar family’s commitment to regenerative agriculture practices is evident in the impeccable quality of their produce. They prioritize soil health, biodiversity, and chemical-free farming methods that support the environment and the health of their customers. With friendly smiles and a wealth of knowledge about their produce, the Alcantar family passionately educates their customers about the benefits of organic farming. Their dedication to sustainability and their delicious, nutrient-rich produce make Alcantar Organics a cherished vendor at the farmers market, beloved by both regulars and newcomers alike.


These vendors, along with many other food stalls and food trucks, contribute to the vibrant and diverse food scene at the Canyon Country Farmers Market, offering visitors a wide range of delicious and high-quality options to choose from. In addition to fresh produce, baked goods, and artisanal products from local vendors, the market offers a wide variety of street food options for visitors to indulge in. From classic burgers and wood-fired pizza to plant-based burgers and vegan sushi, there’s something for every dietary preference. Beyond the food, visitors can also enjoy a range of activities and entertainment. There are craft activities for children and educational workshops on cooking and gardening. The Canyon Country Farmers Market has quickly become a community gathering place where locals can come together to support local farmers, artisans, and small businesses.


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