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From Hollywood to the Streets: Artist Creates AI Images of Celebs as Street Food Vendors

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by Mosses Akizian

keanu reeves as street food vendor

Art has always been a reflection of our society and culture. But with the rise of technology, it’s interesting to see how art is evolving to keep up with the times. In a recent trend, AI has been used to generate images of celebrities reimagined as food vendors, blending the worlds of entertainment and culinary arts in a captivating way. Let’s explore how this innovative fusion of art and technology is shaping our cultural landscape.


The artist, who goes by the name of jyo_john_mulloorI on Instagram, has created a series of images that depict Hollywood A-listers such as Will Smith, Keanu Reeves, and Emma Watson serving up classic street food dishes like kathi rolls and tacos. The images are created using artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms, which analyze photographs of celebrities and generate new images that blend their features with those of street food vendors.These AI-generated images feature highly-detailed renderings of the stars, complete with aprons, hats, and other accessories commonly seen on street food vendors. Each image is uniquely crafted to reflect the personality and style of the celebrity, from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s muscle-bound arms to Snoop Dogg’s signature blunt in hand. The result is a unique and playful representation of these famous faces, while also shining a light on the importance of street food culture in our society.


Jyo John Mulloor is a creative director and digital artist based in Dubai. He is known for his unique and innovative work, which blends traditional techniques with cutting-edge technology. His series of images, titled “Street Food”, depicts famous celebrities as street food vendors, with their features and personalities transformed into delicious and colorful dishes. Using AI and deep learning algorithms, Jyo analyzes the facial features of the celebrities and merges them with various types of street food, creating a unique and playful representation of these famous faces.


Jyo’s work has gained a large following on social media, with fans and art enthusiasts alike expressing their admiration for the artist’s creativity and ingenuity. He has also been featured in several art exhibitions and festivals around the world. The images have garnered a lot of attention on social media, with fans of the celebrities and street food culture alike expressing their admiration for the artist’s creativity and ingenuity. This project is a great example of how art and technology can come together to create something new and exciting. It also highlights the importance of street food culture as a vital part of our society’s culinary heritage.


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